Tue, 07/15/2014 - 17:14 -- Kerr

Her reflection appears and she wants to cry

But she remembers how she looks in his eyes

He floods her mind with things she once thought lies

Her heart fills up with butterflies

Beautiful cute and funny those were the words he used

It feels so nice for once after being emotionally abused

Now she must accept the compliments she once refused

Ugly fat and worthless, those thoughts are all excused

Blessed to talk to her...what are these crazy words?

And what is it about her that makes him think she deserves?

For years she's felt unworthy and these are quite absurd

Every time he talks she thinks twice about what she heard

She's always strived to be perfect but always fell a bit less

Never before has she felt so much like a princess

But thanks to him her thoughts are no longer there just to suppress

He cares and loves her and just like him she knows she has been blessed


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