The sun is shining


The birds are singing


Like me

Because I am finally happy

And I find

That my opinions

Are revising

Like the weather

Because I thought it would be hard

To find happiness

But now I find

That spring’

Mirrors my mood

Because everywhere

I find comparisons

And metaphors

To fit my mood

And even though

I haven’t seen the first robin

And dirty patches of snow

Are everywhere

For the first time

In awhile

I have hope

That spring will come

And I will be happy

And that things will turn out right

In the end


Because it is only February, after all

Spring might not come quite yet

But hope is a seed

That sprouts quickly

And really, what’s  the  point of worrying

About what might not come?

I can just enjoy this, now

Enjoy the sun on my face

The insistent noise

Of birdsong in my ear

And the color


Finally here



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