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Finally we have overcome,
Where man and woman can be respected no matter where they're from.
A revolution? Or a strong movement,
That lay down the foundation that equal rights are here and we shall prove it.
Racism the disease that killed many of the innocent,
HATE the venom that try to crush the spirit.
Have you thought or just wonder,
That this should've been done a long time ago going back to Red Summer.
Just not my people or your people that marched with signs,
It was all people that showed as humans we all can be kind.
The tears the sweat the BEATINGS just to give me and you a better place to live,
The heart and soul of those who died fighting for this.
X, King, Jackson, and others who gain the most respect,
Without them well Civil Rights wouldn't exist would you like to place the bet.
Would you like to see the world in black and white instead of color,
Would you like to say to see that person in the casket and say goodbye mother or brother.
Your decisions on how you approach,
Could you leave you on a rope,
Do you understand the lies that were told that made many minorities look like a cockroach.
I digress but from Plymouth Rock to I have a dream,
To Montgomery and Washington D.C. could this have really been seen.
Was it the words that moved us closer to calling each other friend,
Was it the spirit to never give up to have respect for all women and man.
That now we can say the Pledge of Allegiance altogether,
That now every race has love for one another.
We can go to school and learn the same thing,
That nothing is wrong with a white man proposing a black girl with a ring.
No more criticism of color or creed when play the sports,
No more just because of your color you have no chance in court.
Its true so true that now we are living in the dream and plan,
And while we spread the word to the next generation hopefully they will understand.
That their was a time that racism wasn't a bad name,
But throughout the 50's and 60's their was a movement and it sparked a flame.
Not movement but revolution NO a way of life,
That not in a violent but in a mentally and spiritually way we fight.
Fight for our chance to vote and to do what ever we set our mind to,
That we all are still marching in our own way including you and you.
We are now a growing nation and the world is still growing,
Now its the new generation turn to use its knowledge for undoing.
As i say this chant say it repeatedly,
Finally FINALLY we have overcome.

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My take on Civil Rights.

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