The Final Flight

From up above the earth seems very small,
So far she can see, standing at 6 feet tall.

A blanket of sunshine covered the land,
Every car, road, and field, looked like grains of sand.

The air so crisp, ice cubes in the lungs,
The kind that brings snowflakes you catch with your tongues.

Feeling like a bird, learning to fly,
A free spirit soaring through the sapphire sky.

Clouds gather round and seem to stare,
Welcoming all does this girl in the air.

The wind, how it roars, it howls in her ears,
But she doesn’t listen, she carries no fears.

There in the sky, there can be no wrong,
Her hope for this moment had weighted to long.

She fought so hard, now here’s her bliss,
Up here with the clouds in the blue abyss.

Her life on the earth won’t be the same.
Down there, waiting is her tragic new fame.

The girl, she fell, and hit ground zero.
I guess she needed someone, a life-saving hero.

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