I may look different, think different, feel diferent,

But still I make the same old mistakes.

No matter how much I try to be different

My actions reflect those of a fake.

By definition I am a hypocrit.

As if it is my nature and I can't quit.

I was obviously born guilty.

Condemned to a life that's filthy.


But I want this guilt to be gone.

Yes i want to be clean!

To turn away form all this wrong

will surely set me free.

But who will stand beside dear Corey?

"For all have sinned and fallen short of His glory."

So who can give a man their graces

When compared to His standards all are disgraces?


It has become clear to me

That I need a being without filth.

One who was and remains clean.

One who's perfect, never witnessing guilt.

This One that cannot be blamed.

The all white robe, never been stained!

The One who out of grace came to save.

You know Him, He defeated the grave!


The Prince of Peace,

The snow-white Lamb of God,

He died for me

As if it were His job.

And now because of Him my chains are finally unlocked.

I am no longer bound.

Thanks to His grace, the way to Heaven has been unblocked.

My pathway is now found.


In Him I am without guilt.

Now I am shameless.

In Him I am without filth.

Now I am stainless.


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