Filters Could Be More Than Shades

Maybe I'd look happier, a little more confident.

Like a princess, awakened from a hundred years of Slumber.

Radiant and ready to RISE against the world.

As beautiful as a WILLOW tree.

Watch as my leaves blow with every breeze,

Watch me grow strong.

See the EARLYBIRD fly from my branches.

It crosses the HUDSON to get far away from the city.

She flys in search for a new home.

Flying to MAYFAIR to hang around London.

Dissatisfied, she spreads her wings like jam on bread;

Basking in the sun, settling in VALENCIA.

Staying too long without restrictions

She soon becomes her on HEFE.


On a trip to the INKWELL

She meets BRANNAN.

He makes her heart beat like a set of LUDWIG drums.

"My name is SIERRA" she says confidently.

Their love, as beautiful as Sierra's forgotten home.

"Esto PERPETUA," he said "Let it be eternal."

They then flew to CREMA, honey mooning in Italy,

Where they drank AMARO.

Then to ADEN to visit family in Yeman.

Capturing every moment, calling themsevles X PRO II.

Soon flying to Nashville, singing songs in LO FO.


So maybe I'd change someones life,

Inspire them in some way.

Maybe it'd have no effect at all.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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