Filtered Girls

Mon, 02/02/2015 - 22:05 -- Lizzyy7


I have to dress this way.
I just have to; I do.
All of the pretty girls wear this make up anyway.
So I will start to, too.

I try to view myself as beautiful
past the uncertain, plastic smile.
I don't know if I'm all that truthful
as I cover up for the while.

Does my hair look okay?
I feel so uncomfortable.
I wish there was a way
to make this "adolescent" life more favorable. 

I'm not a flawless, rosey girl
with lovely, golden hair.
I'm more of a messy swirl
that is anything beyond fair.

But even without that make up, I still claim to be 
one of those "filtered" girls in their silly little selfies. 

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