A Filter for the Non-Filter Days

Morning I wake up covered in dust

Lying in bed all night makes my bones feel like rust

What I can do to make myself look "right"

I look for the nearest mirror; and turn out the lights

But no, that's wrong that's not what I need

A "selfie"in the dark is letting my mind bleed

I turn the light back on to see my face

I look to the right, where my makeup's in place

I look down to the counter to see liner, shadow and blush 

I say to my self "I look pretty" when I wear this makeup mask

But really that's just taking a stab to days past

Today is a new day; where I'm in my own skin

No second skin, extra red lips, or hair pin

I want a filter to add me even when I'm not in pictures

I filter that would just be over my face, so I feel good when I look in mirror fixtures

But today I expand my mind to a more beautiful thought 

I take my makeup off, no mask, no filter,

Just a beautiful me, all ready for a normal picture

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