Filter of life ( No filter scholarship)

Filter of life

As humans we tend to get stuck in being who people want  us to be,

What is wrong with being me?

What's wrong with wanting to play soccer all the time, 

what compells me to make every line rhyme?

Maybe it's the filter of life,

The fact that being me is enough,

but finding and appreciating yourself is tough.

You can't be affraid to stand alone,

If you join the crowd your basically a drone. 

Why not show them what no filter looks like,

It's time to strike.

So I can show everyone that the filter of life gets in the way of who we are,

It's not about putting on a face or to cover up a scar, 

It's the scars the make us who we are.

If we try to be anyone but  ourselves that is below par. 

But without the filters what does the camera see,

It  should se me.

If you let the filter of being anyone but yourself take you over, 

Life is just a sad blur.


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