Filter It

Mon, 12/22/2014 - 20:27 -- katngyn

Click, click. Take a picture and fix it.

Make your face presentable.

Remember not to leave behind any acne.


You spent 30 minutes this morning

Putting on chemicals and powders and colors to, what?

Make your face look “socially presentable?”

Be accepted by people?

Meet the norms of society?


Now, take your face.

The face of your parents, and their parents.

Take it and throw it away.

Forget what you look like.

Filter it.


All of the things society has made you hate about yourself.

All of the flaws.

All of the perfections.

Turn yourself into their puppet.

Conform yourself.

As long as you look “pretty.”

Do whatever you need to do.

Or be judged for not making yourself fake.

Welcome to our society.

Click away, darling
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