Filling The Void

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 23:18 -- mirpro

I can sum up all of life's dreamsBut it always goes back to What seemsLike you and meHow I cannot live without youThe air I breatheThe words I singI don't want to sound like I'm in needBut darling I am freedWhen you're with meEverything makes senseEven when the rain spurts from the groundAnd everyone swims upside downI turn aroundAnd grab your outstretched hand,I may stumble,But I'll always stay afloatAnd watch the sunAnd gloat About how the word will never dim,I need Him.In God I finally seeA world made for me,One of light and dreamsAnd everything is far more beautifulThan it seems.I have learned to love myself firstAnd I can't avoid getting hurtSo when I do,I close my eyesAnd breathe in all the skiesI find Him thereWith many Suns to shareHe gives me strength and lightEven in the darkest night And I know some are at easeBecause they learned to ignore the breezeBut on a hot summers dayI can't help but sayI'm refreshed and nourished,He made it that wayFor I need God to live happily,And He needs me to believe. 

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