A Figment of Imagination

Maybe I read fairytales

And dream of Cinderella's palace

Or maybe I fall down holes

And end up finding Alice

Then again, if you truly understand,

We all live in Wonderland

Our minds construct curiosity and confusion

Anxiety and delusion

When you look at our world,

Can you blame me for creating an illusion?

Yes, I wish upon stars, and birthday candles

But how is that different from someone who gambles?

Our whole life is set upon trying for luck

Or a wish for something great

A false reality, a distinct state

Of being

This not-so-unique way of seeing


So go ahead and read fairytales and fiction

Read fables and myths

You'll find it can be an addiction

This desire to live an imaginative life

A world where there is no such thing as sickness or strife

Yes, we live in our minds

Which brings us to the question,

This poem, this creation,

Is it real, or your imagination?

This poem is about: 
Our world


Garrett Thomas

Is it irony or coincidence that one of the "classic poet" scores (Lewis Carroll) is the inventor of the very same Wonderland in line 6?

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