Where are those good old moments?
Those days a car could be bought for 100 naira,
Now using100 naira to satisfy hunger is impotent
We have always been told the future will be Clearer.
I too enjoyed the end part of those good days,
I remember the super efficacy of 5naira note.
How one could feed on it for few days
And still have some change left in his coat.
Then suddenly everything turned around,
It seems that this generation is not entitled to those privileges
Or is this precipitated because we are gaining ground?
This has not occurred to us not even in our mental images.
The increase in price became slow and steady,
The increase in birthrate became uncontrollable
And this increaed the rate of starvation daily
Even after working far much more than one is able.
It wasn't long this experience got a sweet name,
Sweet in the sense that all makes mention of it.
Maybe this was the reason it didn't leave as fast as it came.,
So everyone started readjusting their lives to it.
Recession? This means the backward movement of a nations economy.
Its presence cost many their joy, peace and employment,
Brought untold hardship to our country
And also made the wealthy live with a heart so faint.
It came as a terrible blow to the live of many,
the children still in ignorance complained of it.
Its effect on many was grievous and heavy,
Some families spent a whole day having nothing to eat.
Our currency lost a great percentage of its value
And importation of goods was drastically limited.
Some termed it an advantage to create things for our use,
Forgetting that to create you must have certain production aids.
Before one could say Jack,
Months later we were declared recession free weeks later after the freedom, the old prices are still not back.
Maybe we are out of recession but still in inflation, are we free?
GOODBYE recession if we call again GRACEFULLY IGNORE,
Leave us to use our money for what we like.
Ambassador Daniel Amakor

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My country
Our world
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