Fighting Ignorance


She wanted to win,she sumply had to

Giving up was never her

Fighting for what she believed in

Always was her favorite route

But when she fought,she realized thats where she stood untrue

Fighting against ignorance or those evil assumptios

would never allow her to meet her solution

For life had so much more to it

Than feeling blue

She knew change would be hard

But she knew it was what she had to do

She could never change what they knew

even if it wasn't true

They dwelled in her past

A place that sickened her so

But as much as it sickened her

She never met regret

For all her actions were well thoughtout through

If they couldn't learn to let go

She would

She knew it was her time to shine

A time she had long waited for

Even if she didn't know

What the future held she knew

There had to be something more

This was their invitation to stand back



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