Fighting with Fire: Two Poems

Thu, 07/23/2015 - 12:02 -- Dean_P

- I will leave this Earth by wrestling the Sun


If I am to be destroyed.

build up my grandeur higher than the tallest mountaintops.

Let Zeus himself look up and marvel at my glory.

Let Hermes try and fail to reach the top of my confidence.


If the Fates decide to cut my string,

Let me go out swinging,

batting 100 like the Babe,

or like Ali, 

reaching for where the jaw connects to the skull.


-And She was born in the fires of Hell


The bravest dreams are born on a wing and a prayer

when wings are broken

and prayers are dead.

From Hells they will never know

rise again.


Throw stones and shatter the gleaming crystal of glass houses,

Light a storm that is brighter than the sun.

Rise a Phoenix spewing truth as fire with the intent to cleanse.

By the burns inflicted, some might be saved.

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