Fight! A Spoken Word Piece by @Young_Deuces #BlackLivesMatter


Frustrated at the actions of the people who's supposed to protect

Frustrated that right now my skin makes me a logical suspectFrustrated that it's 2016 & there's still white people who will view me as a threatFrustrated that it can be me, my dad, my brother or my mother fucking seed that is nextAnd please I apologize of the vulgar nature of my wordsBut I'm frustrated at the fact this injustice still occursI'm frustrated at the blind eye, the back and forth on my timelineI'm frustrated that we yelling but still our voices never heardIgnored by the system who says me as a person has rights tooBut how can you fight for a system when the system rather fight youIgnored by the media who sees first hand where the verdict may fallAnd instead of speaking with common decency they say "well the video doesn't tell it all"Ignored by the cops aka worlds most dangerous crewCause right now the crips don't look like the worlds most dangerous blueMe being a black man, gives me more reason to be scared to get slained by the blueThey say follow the guidelines and you'll be safe I say shiiiiiittttttttHow can I follow the guidelines when you keep changing the rulesThey scream...Hands up, I'm like nope don't wanna get gunned downI can't have a bag of skittles without getting gunned downI can't have a hair brush in my pocket, if you ask me for my ID, I can't reach for my walletI can't sell my mixtape, I can't sell a cCig, waitI can't sleep I can't breathe I can't be in my church or my cribI can't be face down in the pavement with 2 cops on my back holding my hands, I can't live!Grimey!Nah I ain't talking NORE I'm talking policeWho has it in they mind it's open season to in us down in these streetsGrimeyNah I ain't takin Nore, I'm talking the newsWho always got an excuse for them boys  in blueGrimeyIs my own people going against my own people when all we need is unityMy own people saying negative comments about my own people fighting for this communityGrimeyIs denouncing your race just because your shade made differCause in they eyes, light medium or dark we all still niggazHelpNo matter your race now is the time to speakAll lives matter yes, but right now black lives is catching the heatThe police need help, help w/ training or maybe a better courseSo they can learn the gun is not your first option and should be the last resortHelp,Because the tv gone paint us as the villainsSay our reaction came w/no cause to distract the world from the killingsAnd I know You hearing our cries for help but instead of responding backYou just sit and watch and wait for all of this to just passBut think, if you just stand up and say "This must stop, we gotta do better"We can stop the downpour and Prepare for the weatherThink of the impact, if the police spoke to us allAnd said "those policed failed to do there job and will be punished by lawThink if a judge took a stance and said enough is enoughAnd didn't give light sentences only ones that was toughThink of right now, and the trends that we seeAnd how the law may say it now but it's clear we ain't freeThink fightNot with guns, but with a voice that's clear speakThink fightNot with your hands but To wake people who is sleepThink fight!Not the physical but for the right to live freeThink fightI'll fight for you,so come and fight with me

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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