The Fight To Pay For My Tuition

The fight to be successful 

I wonder offend how long and how much is my fight worth

The fight for a long lasting career

The fight to compete to be acknowledged for my accomplishments 

The fight to pay for an education 

I wonder why is it so hard to fight for a necessity that I need to be all I can be

The financial loops that life brings us through in order to pay for knowledge

But then I wonder of the people that fought for me to have an education did they know that there fight and my fight were one day going to meet 

The fight to be successful is an unpredictable game Of finances 

What does the future hold ?

How long will I fight ?

Will we ever win the never ending games we college students face with financial aid

But I will fight and keep on fighting that's what we do in this world we fight for knowledge

I'm hungry for that fight for knowledge 

It's in my blood my DNA past down from generation to generation.

The fight to be successful is a Never-ending war.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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