Fight in the Name of...

Born and raised in a glory-hungry west, where a mad king now lays

However, under the care of a beloved royal family, whom shall fight, love, and care for you; even up till the rapture

Forever as one, as they hoped you to never be taken away

That is until the day you are now in the middle of a capture


Taken away from friends and family you said, but your thought are of your execution

But once arrive down East, you were released. In front of royalty in which they began to flood

Hugging, kissing, and praising for their resolution

As it turns out that you are a part of their royal blood


But before you may enjoy your family feast

Terrible news had arrived; something big, truly not little

The West come and now invaded the East

This was a call for action, call for war, and now, out in the field, you stand right in the middle


As both reach out their hand, whom will you choose, the one you truly are in fond?

Will you fight in the name of your blood? Will you fight in the name of your bond?

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My family
Our world
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