"A fight for my CULTURE"

Known by history for its wretched despair

Broken ankles link by link hauled to a grave

A life most ignominious that one would never want to be spare

And God forbid for what atrocious act awaits if accused to   misbehave


Bodies worn feeble by the crackling of slashes

A silent pain that struck with each finger to thorn

Consumed many fruitful spirits and left horrid gashes

Yet, there once was a period to never mourn


A home to tranquil and faithful souls

Who honored earth's hidden treasures and lustrous gold

Life lived not in constant fear of digging vast holes

A strength no thick branch could ever fold


Radiant hope that with time continuous to gleam and glow

A part not acknowledged to history but, a salient scar to show


This poem is about: 
My community


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