Fight of the Flaws


United States
40° 50' 38.9004" N, 73° 53' 51.9684" W

As a seamstress I know my measurements

40'26'40 also known as a perfect hourglass

If I were a model I would be considered plus size

Knowing such kills my confidece but is no surprise

To be skinny is the only way to be beautiful in society's eyes

But I do not need my body to be seen as a prize

Sure I have curves, but I get to eat cake

And I am still asked out on plenty of dates

The boys who are keepers will see the beauty inside

and congratulate me for staying happy,

when so many aound me are puking or starving

For my cheeks are rosy for staying healthy

unlike those who are washed out from never eating

I wish I could take the hand of such an unconfident girl

and try my hardest to explain to her

That the shape of her body does not determine her worth

Unfortunately the media has taken control and scrubbed at the soul

Forcing upon us images of women with their flaws edited out

Which is all part of a marketing strategy

to encourage girls to set goals impossible to reach

All so a few can make loads of money

Not caring as they are destroying

the body images of beautiful girls

Luckily, I see past the business tactics

and alhough it took years of practice

I wake up every morning feeling flawless


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