Fight don't Flight

pain travelling deep through my soul

who knew this world would b so coldAlways do ur best dont ever foldcreate the wave that uplift ur woesten toes down  test me ull knocount up the pack then hit the roadcall the plug o.t. order another loadsmoke an 8th ina wood to the domegot lotsa answers no google chromeall I ever wanted was a happy hometorn tryna find peace in a war zonedug out the mud ima pieca goldto my realest words ur heart will holdclout til you make it sold out soulswe stay faithful prayin to the lordbelieve in yourself be great lil broI do this for those who feelin all alonebe yourself dont ever be a clonebe who you were when you was bornfree of temptations pure to the bonepolitics playin games hate was sewnwhat make us different how we see the worldan escape to the darkness starts with warmthyou can be touched have faith let golook inside next time you feel aloneas long as you got yourself ull be good         

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My community
Our world
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