The Fight of the Darkness and the Light- The Cry of the Dark

Sat, 02/01/2014 - 19:44 -- Poetess


The partial or total absence of light
And such is the plight of the absence of light
I am like the darkness
Or at least its definition.
It is simple and plain,
A strange disposition.
I know how it feels to be defined by another.
I fight for Light's survival,
For its happiness, its pleasures.
I battle with its rivals,
It's monsters, and it's fears.
I try hard to keep it happy, and I fight against it's pains.
I am a slave to its whim;
Through the days and nights I labor.
It runs from me to the very end,
Though I try to gain it's favor.
But our camaraderie is forbidden.
I don't know why for it I care
When it never does the same for me.
The circumstance is far from fair,
But I know, deep down inside...
To protect it is to protect myself.
Dear light, hard as I may try, in all that I may do,
I am, and will forever be, defined as a want for you.
   This we know is true.
   So what am I to do?
Light, I fight for independence,
With this no one can argue.
But instead of seeing me, all they do is search for you.
Oh dear light,
I crave autonomy
My selflessness is a Hell
And yet how could you know what it is
To be known as not something else
Yet on I persevere, light,
And trust, I wish not be you.
But being me,
all by myself,
Is impossible to do.
For without light I have no name,
no rhyme
nor reason.
For if all there is is summer, why call it a season?
And so, like the Darkness
I'll go on with my life
which revolves around me not being the Light


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