The fight

The depression settles in it won't let me be . Doom and gloom is all that I can see I pray to God help me be free there has to be some key to use a door to open no pin all sin a ferocious combination took it on the chin . Bam avoidance shatters the Jaw. Defiance I barely saw if it were an animal it would have a muscular paw . But the worst of them all fear is how I took my fall. Already bleeding from a cut when life throws me a viscous upercut. I'm on the mat a dude named Ben starts counting ten. Will he get up the crowd wonders with baited breath . 1 2 3 4 5 6 my knees shake  as I writhe in pain fighting the shame it hates It's name. My hand grabs a rope I pull myself up 7 8 running out of time  the crowd roars their feet pound I can hear the sound . The referee stands above me as  he closes in I start to feel my chin. The white light illuminates the ring . So I do my best fight thru the sting and sing my plea. Give me one more round maybe even two I assure you I know exactly what I will do...

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