The dark night envelops me

Cradles me as I walk

Among bones of corpses

long forgotten


The rain cools me

Calms me as I see

The destruction they

left my kind in


I will fight them


I will not let them take

What is by principle ours


The heavens above will


The flames below will 


Before my fellows give up


It is not over, my friends


The time is near in which

the batle will end

With us as the victors


We will have our rights

We will have our freedom to love who we wish

We will win this fight fairly


Raise your head, my friends!

Raise it high! 

For only we will be able to save ourselves


As the night cradles us

Like a lover

Cradle your own lover

Hold them dear and close


We will prevail in this fight, my friends!


The day is near when we will not

be jusdges simply because of 

who we love




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