The Fight


You’re acquainted with the fight little girl,
You know the steps and every move,
So put your dukes up, it’s a brand new round.
Every step you miss, is another hit you take,
Don’t dodge every chance, don’t miss this round,
But it’s harder now, to stand at all.  
But stand you must, and taller now,
Hold your own and show the world,
Show them all what you got.
Fight like a lady, fight like a champ,
Fight for those with no fight left.
Take your chances in the ring,
You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Don’t listen to those who will put you down,
Don’t listen a bit to those who wish to bitch.
This fight runs through your veins,
It’s part of who you are,
If you give it away little lady it’s all for not.
Stand back up, wipe the blood from your lip,
Throw up your dukes girl.
It’s your time to shine.


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