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Let Women be leaders
of the family and the community
Fight to make it right
to end the cycle of abuse and discrimination
Of poverty and starvation
Of pain and humiliation
We want equality
In employment and education
Financial progress and
Professional realization
We have equal ability
And more versatility
More enthusiasm
So much possibility
Give us the chance
To show our power
And capability

As women, We fight
to make our own choices
Speak in our own voices
Educate the community
Instill a sense of unity
Turn the bad into good
Turn the minus into a plus
Make this living space a friendly place
So we don´t run from the hood
Educate our boys and girls
Treat them like precious pearls
These are the men and women of the future!
Set the us women free,
Let us be leaders
So we can be part of humanity,
This living and growing tree

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you have women that became inpirational leaders-great job in advocating for women rights
even more so, its about euality for all
keep writing and building

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