The Fight

Something new or that one thing daily

Nobody can ever guess what the day will hold

As humans we can either stay to what we know

But others create magic with their talent that is no longer stowed

Do you dare to show your talent to the world, we ask

Will you surrender or fight?


New Challenges arise

Standing erect in our path of life

Labels like businessman and astronauts are held highly

But not those of mother and wife

To the upcoming generation of females, we ask

Will you surrender or fight?


Some can be handled, but some may not

It takes learned knowledge to know ‘how’ to fix

But only consciousness can lead to ‘what’ needs to be worked on

One cannot be taught patience in the building of bricks

As you find who you are inside, we ask

Will you surrender or fight?


Will you surrender or fight

To the american society

Of fashion, beauty, fame, and wealth

We as humans are sucked into the dynasty

Of others that we watch, follow, and subscribe to

As a follower in the world that wishes to lead, I ask

Will you surrender or fight?


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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