Fifteen and Confused


United States
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She felt it one day
when the clouds were full of tears.
There was something inside,
wanting to get out,
wanting a life of its own.

She didn’t yet know
what her world was about.
Holding her middle,
she looked up
and tried to hope
that she could figure out
how to share her life.

It started with one night,
one sweet boy, one kiss,
one caress, one bed with
two warm bodies
cuddled close. And that

was all it took to change
her world forever.



Teen pregnancy is an extremely important issue that more teens need to be aware of, and this poem does a great job of explaining how one action can lead to someone's life being changed forever, like your poem says. Great job using your poetry to try and make a social change! Check out "poetry writing tips" in the "resources" section for more great poetry ideas!

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