From the Fields of Oblivion

I do not know what to write,
Nor do I know where to start.

For I am lost inside of my thoughts,
I fear that I am dead, and starting to rot.

I've tried fighting them,
Every night I've tried.

Sometimes I emerge as the victor,
Other times I lose and lose vigor.

Vitality has been sucked out from me,
Does any god, anywhere, hear my plea?

For I've been crying out for help every passing hour,
All my efforts futile, and I am depleted of power.

I do not know how many days have passed,
Since I last saw my lovers calm gaze.

Its been an eternity for me, and maybe more,
I don't know, for my perceptions are flawed.

But I could see her in the distance,
A light, shining, calming, calling for me.

I miss her, I really do, does she too?
In her embrace I feel safe, does she care?

I know that I love her, but does she?
My mind starts to wander, my feet weaker.

As I stand here, the light approaches,
Emboldened by glee, I run towards her.

It was her, all that I longed for,
I start to limp, as my body is weak.

I fell to the ground, I crawled to her,
She treads lightly, slowly closer to me.

I saw her again, I saw her hands reach out,
I reached as far as I could, and felt her touch.

She raised me up, tightly she hugged,
I was calm, I felt serene, I felt alive.

For today was not a meeting of two lovers,
Today was resurrection of a rotting corpse.

I kissed her, with streams of tears,
She kissed me, banishing my fears.

I loved her, I knew that from the start,
I loved her, I resent the time we were apart,

I loved her, and she loved me, she brought me back to life.
I felt her soft hands, her warm hold, her light skin, I felt alive.

I didn't know what to write,
I ended up writing about her.

I was not sure I was living,
Until the day I've met her.

To this day I haven't ridden my mind from dark thoughts,
But to this day, strengthening my will she never stops.

I know that those dark thoughts would still appear,
But I have her with me now, and I do not fear.

And though I was lost, now I am found,
And to my fears, no longer am I bound.



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