Fiction, Near and Dear, But Not Quite Here


Beware for I have no easy knack for writing,

But that is not stopping me from trying.


Come hither, I will read you a letter.

It might get cold, bring a sweater!

Ask yourself, when was the last time you went to a bookseller?

If recent, I cannot congratulate you better.

If late, I name you a deserter.


Now you’re probably thinking, “What’s this guy’s problem?”

And that’s just it; use your eyes or I’ll pop them!


Do not think. It only stalls you from diving into literature.

Do not say, “Reading is boring”, and then take your departure.

Do take a chance upon the plank. Make a deep puncture!

You’ll find yourself entrapped, but in such a bright luster.

Pierce into fiction. This is what I ask and hope you muster.


And then you may want to join my side of the freak show.

I tell you, fantasy is the only world I wish to go.


Fiction can bleed at times, but it will then cure.

Love is always hiding, until she decides to lure.

Death is also present, and it creates the greatest poor.

But then he or she is finally here. The hero is the fixture.

How great would it be for fiction to come true and live within its mysterious contour!


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