—  Fiction is where Imagination roams wild

—  But Imagination is where Fiction comes to life

—  Deep within the pages lies the story of one child

—  Who knows nothing but struggle and strife

—  She’s lived by the rule of “Don’t be like your father!”

—  “That man is nothing but another Rumpelstiltskin!”

—  She goes here and goes there and this way and that then wonders why bother

—  All she ever does is push forward with a smile and grin

—  But in this world she no longer fits

—  So she finds the magic that takes her away

—  To a place where it’s nothing but pure bliss

—  Dragons and Mermaids, Werewolves and Fae

—  For then the child finally feels free

—  Away from all the things that caused her grief

—  There she climbs along the tree

—  And sleeps upon a little brown leaf

—  For now in a world that she finally belongs

—  As her own wings slip out

—  Gently fluttering until they flutter no more

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