Feninists are where the heart is


United States
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Growing up i figured out that F that labels me is not an F for failure,
such a minority in society but im growing up to be a voice in a million.
I declare women leaders of this world.
My mother, the strongest yet most tender person i have met,
I love her dearly and for her i do everything i do and more.
I believe there should be ackowlegement in the things women do,
I have dreams, big ones, and women like my mom are the encouragement i need.
I strive for the better, i dont stand for incompetance.
Women are every day heros that are never seen for their actions,
they are seen as that F on the gender option.
Women who go out of there way to accomplish something,
Yes, you can place me under that title.
I do everything i can possibly do because i can,
Women like me are everywhere and i love that.


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