Feminist Ms. White

Snow White’s tale is heard far and wide,

But it is more than what meets the eye.

Fairytales are embellished stories of old;

Thus, snow white’s true story needs to unfold


A gullible damsel in distress

Betrayed by her stepmother who overdressed,

And simply due to a simple title of the fairest of the land.

Yet she was smarter than this, so begin to understand


Our Snow White was a princess of many gifts.

She read books of science and myths,

And above all she was kind

Always to impress those with her mind.


Her stepmother was jealous of Snow White,

For she surpassed all others by being bright.

As all jealousy goes,

It corrupted the stepmother’s very soul.


Thus, the step mother came up with a plot,

And prayed she would not get caught.

Snow White tried to flee,

And decided to hide in the country.


Thus, a hunter was sent,

And Snow White’s endurance was spent.

But, the hunter could not bear her harm,

Due to her great charm.


Off into the forest she fled,

Despite several paths, she was not misled.

Without dread, she followed the night sky

Until she stumbled by a shack nearby.


Thee dwarves welcomed her in,

And Snow White decided to make a bargain.

She does the housework and mechanics,

While the dwarves mined and played fun tricks.


The stepmother found her soon after,

And she was slightly craftier.

The poison apple was eaten,

And snow white was thought to never awaken.


A few days passed on by,

And the dwarves were sweeping in the shack nearby.

An antidote to a poison was found.

Our brilliant Snow White had written it down.


The dwarves mixed it together,

In hopes Snow White would get better.

And they were about to try

But the prince rode on by


The prince once knew Snow White long ago,

And the relationship he had with her did show.

He brought the mixture to her lips,

And from the cup she took a sip.


Snow White our beloved princess,

Woke up without a kiss.

She saved her own life,

Because she didn’t need to be a wife.


Next time you read a story,

Remember how the princess claimed her own glory. 


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