Female Dog


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Yeah so we're chilling in history classAnd I'm just thinking can I have a piece of that ass?Then the teacher says get out your textbook But really who the fuck cares  Oh man her ass is thickI know she wants to ride my dick I don't care if she's got class But she do got dat assI walk up to her and ask her wanna be my partner She says no I'd rather die But I gotta ask her why  She says: she ain't no hoe She ain't gonna blowShe does have that effect She wants respect She said she has some dignityBut to me I am perfect She says she wants a man that will make his own sandwich God she sounds like a total bitchShe says she wants the same rights Now all I'm thinking about is winning cock-fightsShe says she wants to be an equal I think she's on the menstrualMan she wants a lot of stuff I should put her in my handcuff ;) She finally stops talking I don't think she's that amazing 



My favorite part of this poem is when the female

is explaining what she wants and the male isn't even listening to her. 

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