The Feeling of the Shepherd

Tue, 03/01/2016 - 21:36 -- arapp34


Alyson Rapp
158 N. Almondell Way Magnolia, TX, 77354
United States
30° 10' 18.4872" N, 95° 35' 29.6844" W
United States
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The one thing I could not live without,

is not what most think about.

It cannot be seen,

but is very serene.

It is the feeling of someone caring.


When one is there to comfort my fears,

or give me a hand when no one is near,

that reassurance that I am not alone,

gives me the strength to conquer my foe.


There is no doubt,

that if this feeling throughout,

were to leave my heart,

I would not know how to cope,

I would be without hope,

without the feeling,

of someone caring.



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