The Feeling (A Glimpse Within Your Own Mind)

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 17:04 -- ArianaT


It's as if my mind is adrift, nothing looks the same
Life flipped upside down, time moving coun-terclockwise, 
things in motion but I'm deaf to the sounds it's my own demise,
 now I'm playing the blame game in which my eyes are being deceived life so cut throat don't know who's hand is holding the knife, 
my darker ego gripping my soul I'm about to choke. 
Let me settle in and soak wishing I could wipe my dirty slate clean...
 I mean things aren't always what they seem
 black is white white is black judged by the media mainstream
 chaotic neurotic life is just a big play and you've reached the end of the scene now isn't that ironic 
Mind body and soul unbalanced not in control and out of whack
 so many thoughts and emotions that you lack, but then, way back when you had the audacity to speak out made you feel great 
without a doubt but no achievement could amount to that feeling of obscurity road diverged from your destiny 
moment of greatness fading away and day after day you get pushed towards the brink 
moment where your heart sinks... and you take those steps back and ponder 
well think of how your life spun out of control 
dug down so deep that you found yourself in a hole.
 So what do you do, what can you say to cause the happiness to flow back and feel great for just another day.... But then you're trapped...
 In a never ending cycle that's won't switch up. 
Searching through the darkness for a gap in this nightmare. 
Not aware of your surroundings, getting boxed in then reality struck. Simply stuck in your own life's troubles... 
Can't make a single shot of joy so you try to shoot for the double. 
It's two times the win so you might be in luck
But your heart hurts as if you got hit by a truck driving your own down your own path.
 Wana think it's all a dream. Just wana wake up and laugh,
but you picture the aftermath. 1 thought 2 wants 3 to 4 stops until you're caught
up in your own fantasy that equals the 10 plagues of your own life headed straight towards the natural catastrophe called 6 feet under
Your life has stopped at the point of no return.
Thoughts no longer in tune but tick tock
You can still hear the chiming of the clock; the eternal clock of your soul
The tragedies of life may be cold but the stories have yet to unfold and unwind
Just in the Nick of time when you catch that one feeling.... 
The feeling of your mind and body getting in a straight line 


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