Feelin' Uneasy


Feelin’ Uneasy


"I hate you!" I'd scream at my parents as a kid with little knowledge of the meaning

Hate: a word so harsh many have trouble believing there's ever a reason to legitimately mean it

Before I got to high school, I was one of those people;


But you see, high school is a pool of awkward kids

A pool where you'll find the cool and the uncool, the tools and their fools;

A pool some who are older may rightfully consider society's stool.


But this thing that I claim to hate isn't found by these high schoolers,

No, you see, it finds them, and for some it defines them;

It comes to these kids in different shapes and quantities and for different people brings out different qualities;


Yes, I hate alcohol.

Or, at the very least, I hate the long list of negative effects it can have that I have continuously seen.


Now I know what you're thinking: "Nick, I've seen you drinking before,"

But not anymore

Now wait

Before any of you are so quick to guess what you expect me to say next,

This will not be a list of facts straight from your freshman health textbook.


But yes, there's plenty to list,

Like how consumption of alcohol can increase one's risk of

Liver Disease



F's and D's

Assault Sexually

And Cancer.


But that's the end of that rant,

In fact, most of you have already heard it,

Which is why 90% of teens will admit it's not worth it.


Perhaps it's not hate though; 

It could just be fear, or

Maybe a terribly powerful combination of both.


Now I've said what this poem is not,

So it's time for what it is:

I'm committing to a lifestyle and expressing my personal problems with alcohol.

I won't be drinking anymore.

I've seen too many fall.

I'm fed up.


See, I live in a small town whose own teens put it down, complaining continuously there's nothing around to do,

So alcohol has become the go-to.


Now hold up.

I ain't trying to judge

Or even lean across the table and subtly nudge,

"You, yeah you, should be listening!"



See, my goal is not to change anyone else's ways

Heck, I've been surrounded by alcohol since before my Pre-K days,

But for all of you who want to be somewhat close to me,

Know why alcohol has affected me emotionally.


Yes, I am scared.

But where does my fear come from?


My fear comes from the father who drank away his college life

And is bothered by the thought of his daughter disregarding all the potential consequences he thought he taught her;


From the teenager who's turned drinking into a weekly - sometimes nightly - habit,

But can't even bring it up to people whom he knows know about him because

He's that ashamed;


From the strife of the pro-life fifteen year old girl from the pro-life family

Who can forget that virgin wife she once pictured herself in her mind because she's pregnant,

And now forced to under-the-table abort without the support of her wonderful parents;


And from the mother of two who had to separate from her third husband

Because she got tired of the bully he becomes when he gets a few Buds in him.


Now personally, I've been drunk twice,

But those two times have made me more wise;

And not the false sense of wiser you get from Budweiser,

No, I've actually been enlightened,

So I continue to be frightened.


I'm frightened for the Iraq War veteran, who just wanted to drown out his PTSD,

So he went on a drinking spree

But ended up drowning himself in a sea of brandy;


For the high school football star who had all the talent he needed to succeed,

But lacked the respect from his teammates he needed to be a leader,

Because he couldn't go a single weekend without a few beers;


For the "best friend" who, when I'd ask, would put on a mask that said she's changing

But returned to her flask before I even had the chance to turn my back.


I fear for the high school boy who can't help but glance into the past

And remember the way he ruined his chance with the girl of his dreams.

Who would've thought a couple of shots would've lead to him having sex with a girl who was

Not his girlfriend?


And don't forget the 18 year-old "man" who killed his best friend's little sister driving home drunk,

Couldn't live with the fact,

Downed another bottle of Jack,

Put his dad's gun in his mouth and

Pulled back the trigger.


So no, I'm not trying to change anybody,

But do not ask me to pitch in any money for your next fifth,

Or sixth, or seventh.


Yes, I know there are worse things in this world than alcohol,

But it's alcohol that I've seen affect so many lives;

It's alcohol that I've seen wreck so many relationships.


So, by all means, return to your beloved bottle,


But for God's sake, don't let Jack Daniels become your role model,

Don't allow Jägermeister to be your Jägermaster;

Don't let Captain Morgan steer that pirate ship you call your life,

Don't allow a little Two Fingers to become a whole hand: controlling your ways like an abusive man.


No dejes que Corona sea la reina de tu vida.


Don't make the Malibu carry you just because you forget you have two feet of your own too;

And I guarantee it's not the vodka that makes you Absolut.


So no, drinking is no longer something I can personally condone,

And whether it's hatred or fear or something else, to me is still unknown;

But whatever it is,

Alcohol never fails to leave me

Feelin' uneasy.



Royal Blood

This is really awesome


Thank you so much!!

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