Febuary 6, 2011-Snow

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 13:44 -- Knitter

Silently falling,
It covers the ground,
For miles around,

It is white and fluffy,
Soft and airy,
You look out the window, and feel
Be still. Be quiet. Snow.

It covers walkways,
It covers trees,
It covers roads, and little boys’ knees,
So wrap up warm and play outside,
Wool mittens won’t let your fingers freeze.

Rosie cheeks, and matted hair,
Trampled yards with little care.
Take off your wrappings, sit by the fire,
Sip hot cocoa, eat warm toast,
And laugh about who fell the most.

Snow is falling, everywhere.
It covers trees,
Makes cold the ground,
But inside it is warm around.

Be still , be quiet, snow.


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