Fears of the Future

I am different.

I do not resemble the brown skinned, brown haired people I have grown up with.

The faces I saw in kinder are the same faces I see as a senior.

Not much ever changes, but I have on the insisde.

I am supposed to be the quiet, smart girl that goes far in life.

But I am scared, I am lost, I am confused.

There is no clear path in front of me but my fears may never be shown.

I keep to the status quo that has been made for me;

For my friends, for my family, for every person I know

Because they all see a great future for me,

But to me it is dim and flickering, as unsure of itself as I am.

No one sees this;

They see the bright smile of a bright girl with a bright future.

So I hide myself, to seem strong, to seem composed.

My worries and fears stay in my head and in my heart,

But I will not let them hold me back.

For now, people will see the confident person I am supposed to be,

And someday I will be that confident person.

I will not have nothing to hide.

So I willl no longer be behind the curtain.


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