Fearless Green and Blue


Some days I feel bright lime Green:

        excited and confidant,

        carefree and bold,

        my happiness radiates from my skin like starbursts

    The glow becomes a shield around me: impenetrable,


    My skin glows and a fire charges my blood with life.

I am Green.

Other days I feel like a dark, brazen Blue streaked with Black:

        mysterious and powerful,

        emotional and daring,

        the deep color rolls around me and it billows like a pent up storm.

    I pull the clouds around me like a cloak: impenetrable,


    I crouch and brood within their roiling depths.

I am Blue.

Green and Blue clash

    the sun breaks through the clouds

    a clashing tempest and a melody of color

    each side struggling and balancing the other

            I am whole.

            I am me.


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