Fearful Adversary

Wed, 01/09/2019 - 12:27 -- A.W.

Fear is easy describe

Hopeless hole devour me!

Sinking deep into the ink

With no rope to follow me...


Fear is easy just to live

Against me

everything is

Someone help me

to survive

Since the night


to destroy...


Fear is easy just to be

Darkness come 

and follow me

As despair rips into my


Paranoia holding me


Fear is easy to overcome

Courage come and

guide me through

raising me up

on the hill

where my fears

cannot come true


Fear is easy just to hide

Shadows come

and hold me true

Through the veil

of blackest night

Shines the purest

light tonight

Where a fearful adversary

cannot grasp me through

Where my fears

cannot be true

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Our world
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