South Africa

As darkness makes its arrival and the time for sleep is near.
Our fears start to unravel but darkness aint my fear.
As my eyelids becomes heavy and my body starts to relax,my fear draws near.
A complete darkness at first but then my dreams get into gear.
Fear is what I feel,my dreams inhabit my fears,like a zoo.
I feel trapped as I lay on my back deeply bound by sleep while my dreams creep over me to torture me once again.
Wind blows as I walk through a field,kites fly high in the sky and laughter echoes near.
I feel relaxed and happy but then I slip deeper into another.
Deep black waters pull me down as I gasp for air,reaching out my hand to the darkness hoping that someone is there.
Its like inception.
My dreams have different stages.
Like someone is flipping through the pages of a horror book.
I try to wake,pinching myself but I'm too deep.
It feels so real,the fear,the panic,the pain but then I realize its just a dream.
But what if I never wake?.
What if I'm forever bound in this darkness where my imagination is my deepest fear.
I know that dawn is near and this episode will end.
My imagination has to have its break and I open my eyes and realize I am Wide Awake!


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