Fear Nothing

Fear is like a shadow that conquers the ground,

But it doesn’t mean that it has to conquer our life.

It follows us till the day we vanish from this earth,

But we can disperse it before it dissipates us.


Since the day I was born,

Fear has been with me every step of the way,

But the day to overcome it came,

And everything that stood in my walkway.


Living in a country where change is feared,

kept my dreams locked in my mind.

But what changed me,

Was the ambition that I will continually have.


Fear is a big part of the Albanian society,

Opportunities, not the biggest advantage of it.

Though, changing the status quo is the solution,

It parallel continues to remain.


Fear of the unknown surrounds me and every Albanian.

Pursuing your dreams outside the box is going to endeavor change,

But the idea of losing your loved ones

locks it away.


My dream of being a doctor has been with me since day one.

By seeing the magic god granted us,

Sparked my dreams early as a child,

But living in seclusion, locked them later in life.


This fear made me think differently,

Made me think about my past,

Made me think about my present,

And the hope that I had for the future.  


That is when I decided,

In a blink of an eye

my past behind to leave,

And a new adventure to begin.


Moving to the US, not undemanding,

But what it is beholding,

And what it is conveying,

Is worthy of sacrificing.


Fear does not want to hold you back,

But it has been part of the deal since,

As long as you retaliate it,

You will dissipate it.


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My family
My country
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