The Fear of Love

Thu, 03/07/2019 - 08:13 -- livilee

Why is love so lost in a world that will cost so much.

With mothers abandoning children,

And the hidden agendas of people looking for another,

What has this world become other than a decollete hell,

That will never be reprimanded with this constant pattern


The love of this world has become adrift to the love that once was.

Love was once as swift as the wind blowing,

Now love is is as unyielding as a mountain,

That you can find no way around

That is treacherous as Mt. Everest herself


As though the love we once gave our children has disappeared

Into an absence abyss of abnormal abundances  

We all miss the love that once was in our hearts

But we must start to mend  

Or the love that once was will be forever forgotten.


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Our world
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