The fear of it all

Its warm

In my bed

Too warm to be awake

I am awake

Outside it’s almost light

But not quite

Too dark to be awake

I am awake

The light from the hall

Slices my room

Get up

I am up

Mommy is awake

Grandpa is here

The police are here

I am here

The uniformed men leave

My mother cries

My Grandma is crying

I am crying

Daddy is gone

He took a rope

And left us behind

I am left behind

Years go by

And I still feel that pain

I feel that sickness that he felt

I am sick

All at once

I can feel that fear

Maybe I’m not supposed to live

I am afraid

How scary it can be

For ones greatest fear in life

To have a life at all

I am alive

Its a lifetime

And that pain is now dull

But still here

I am still here

I choose to be here

To make a life

Worth living for

I am worth living for


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My family
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