Fear the...

I am not scared to walk the darkest path, for I draw comfort from it. It sheilds me and protects me from the true horrors of this world:  the light.


No one understands this fear since they were taught that the light was good. But the light is more fear-worthy then all the children of the night.


Albeit the light is tempting; its warmth comforting and it seems to never lead astray. But the light is still terrifying in every single way.


In the light, you cannot hide. Every secert shall be told, every mystery shall be solved. The light seeks to cast out darkness, even when it is needed.


Or maybe it is not so much the light, but the people within the light. Their fear of the dark and unknown make them vengeful and they cast out what they deem unseemly.


So I shall stay within the darkness, because of this fear, for the darkness brings me comfort all my friends are here.

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