Sun, 02/10/2019 - 16:44 -- martena


When I climb outside myself I can see it is simple

so truly simple.

the dark sky painted behind it laughs,

or am I mistaken, so painfully human as to drag it down with me.

I shiver, for it is cold 

I climb back in

there it is, 


I find my fear in my throat and I swallow it so it touches my heart.

black as the night sky 

or is that a lie? 

Human is to feel fear in such simple solitude 

to be human is to escape into cowardess 

I sigh, 

I do not feel the silence like I once did. 

Being alone no longer comforts me and I can rejoice in the day 

fear is not human 

to overcome with passion is human 

to laugh is human. 



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