It whispers to a small child late at night,

urging him to not turn out the light. 

It grips tight to an actor,

who is minutes away from the stage, cheers and laughter.

It is a part of every one, 

lurking and waiting like a loaded gun. 

But to me I find it to be key.

Fear is necessary to be free.

Fear lets me know when I'm about to start, 

to begin a journey deep in my heart. 

Fear helps me know when I need strength, 

to find those whose support of me will go at any length. 

Fear tells me when I need to listen

or wait to dive in.

Fear tells me when I'm facing something new

and tells my courage to help me get through.

Fear keeps me going.

Fear makes sure that I am growing.

That I am becoming a person with strength and grace.

Fear makes it so when I look in the mirror and see my face

I see someone who has stood up what made them afraid,

and still refused to be swayed. 

I see someone who kept on fighting

even as that fear kept biting.

I need fear.

It's what has gotten me here.

Fear has whispered to me 

and shown me what I need to see.

Fear has told me where I am weak,

and what stops me from reaching my peak.

Fear highlights what is in my way.

So now I know what I need to face and push away.

It helps me to foresee,

so I can conquer what is stopping me.

I need my fear 

to let me know what challenges are near.

I need my fear to help me know

when it's time to let my true self show.




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