Favorable Change

There once was a British Indian girl,

Who lived in British world.

Eating her fish and chips,

But still loving her Indian dips

One day she was told,

That she would have to leave her usual mold.

Her family was moving to America for a new job,

All she could do was sob.

Years passed after her move,

Life in America became her new groove.

She made new friends, tried new food, and embraced travel,

Now she wondered how her new future would unravel?

During college she had pushed herself to learn more about cultures,

She embarked on a study abroad trip that showed her more than sculptures.

As time went on, her openness to travel and unfamiliarity resulted in a transformation,

That led her to accept a job in Chicago after she completed her education.

This time, she accepted this change with open arms,

She did not think twice about any alarms.

She moved and started a new life here,

This time not living in fear.

Looking back at all the changes over the years,

The one where she moved ended with a big cheers!



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