The Father That Stayed

September 16, 1997

His first little child came on down from heaven.

He got mad, threw a fit and told the doctors,

"You better save both my wife and my daughter!"

They were scared out of their mind but they did as he said

Now she's twenty-two years, giving him aches in his head.

But he shows her love, even tho she's weird,

But that's what dad's do as he's shown us here.


Me, I'm his favorite child.

Alright, I'm just kidding, I know I get a little wild.

Here's the big story: I was planned.

Now I'm seventeen . . . well, isn't that grand?


Let's talk about his third since there is lots to say

His first baby boy, hip hip hooray!

They fight a lot about their different opinions

But at the end of the day they share the same dominion.

He teaches about manhood and the ways of life

He teaches though he gives him tons of strife.

He doesn't like kissing, and he doesn't like hugging

But he loves him anyways, he loves his son bugging.


Last one, she's his baby girl

People said she was wrong, when she told them his tale.

"He's my mom and dad!"

That's what she used to say.

No one could blame her, for he did stay.


For a couple of years he was the only one there

A single father who could kill with one stare.

He cared for us, nurtured us, taught us and

He tried not to punish us when we got out of hand.

We ate a lot of junk food, and watched a lot of movies

Which might not have been the choices most healthy,

But I remember that he always put us first, 

In front of crazy girlfriends who with him were obsessed.


It mustn't have been easy to pull through all these years

Especially all the times that he had to fight his fears.

Neglectful moms are never ones that would be shown on screens

Rather dads that drink and fight and care less of our dreams.

He pushed against the social role that he was born to play

For me that's something great and big that motivates each day.


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